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CNG filling stations in Denmark

The map shows the location of Danish CNG filling stations where you only fill up with biomethane. It is updated continuously. Click on the petrol stations to view more information. A printable map of the Danish petrol stations and their addresses can be downloaded here.

All petrol stations are open around the clock, except Nature Energys CNG filling station in Odense on Funen (Mon-Fri 7:00 - 18:00). Most of the self-service petrol stations accept all major international credit cards. Debit cards are accepted, provided they support Maestro. V PAY debit cards are not supported.

The fueling process at Biomans four CNG filling stations i Horsens, Ishøj, Køge and Odense SV is only possible with NGVA 2 connection pieces, which are mainly for lorries. Payment at these stations is only possible with Biomans payment card.

There is currently an LNG filling station in Padborg (Thorsvej 1, 6330 Padborg), which is operated by Q8.

CNG and LNG filling stations outside of Denmark can be found here.